October 2014 – Formal Opening

The site was formally opened by Parish Council chair Martin Davies and Allotment Association chair Mike Hammond. Those in attendance included representatives of organisations and individuals that had played a part in helping the project come to fruition.

September 2014 – Plots Allocated and Adopted

Inaugural tenants signed up for their plots. On 13 September tenants started work on their plots for the first time.

August 2014 – Site Preparation

Association committee members marked out the plots, the site boundary, the position of the water taps, and the car park. Association committee members created the car park. Work started on the water supply and the boundary fencing.

July 2014 – Site Preparation

The new highway access was created, the overhead power cables buried, and the new railway security fence erected.

June 2014 – Broadland District Council Planning Approval

Planning approval for the Countryside Park (including allotments) was granted by the district council planning committee.

January, February, March and April 2014 – Parish Council Meetings

The Parish Council agreed the funding for the basic set up of the Countryside Park and the allotment site, including new highway access, car park, fencing, water supply, a toilet, and burying of the overhead power cable.

December 2013 – Parish Council Planning Submission

The planning application for the Brundall Countryside Park (containing the allotment site) is agreed, for submission to Broadland District Council.

October 2013 – Eastern Daily Press

Parish Council vice-chair Ian Walters is pictured “digging” on the Postwick Lane site, in the company of representatives of Norfolk County Council, Norfolk Property Services, Brundall Parish Council, and Brundall Allotment Association.

September 2013 – Brundall Parish Council Meeting

The Parish Council agreed to enter into a 21-year lease with Norfolk Property Services for the 12.6 acre site south of Postwick Lane. A working group of parish councillors was set up in order to progress the various issues associated with taking up the site.

August 2013 – Visit by NSALG representatives

Karen Kenny and Jeff Barber (eastern area representatives of the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners) visited to talk to members of the Parish Council and association committee members, advising them on issues associated with taking the Postwick Lane land.

July 2013 – Brundall Parish Council Meeting

It was reported that Norfolk County Council had offered a lease on the 12.6 acres south of Postwick Lane. The Parish Council agreed to start negotiations with Norfolk Property Services with a view to leasing the land.

June 2013 – Brundall Allotment Association Committee Meeting

The Norfolk County Council (NCC) land west of Holmesdale Road had been advertised for new tenants by Norfolk Property Services (NPS). Association chair Mike Hammond alerted the Parish Council, and the Parish Council chair Martin Davies wrote to NCC and NPS to express Parish Council interest.

May 2013 – Visit by Karen Kenny of NSALG

Karen Kenny (eastern area representative of the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners) visited to talk to members of the Parish Council and members of the association.

March 2013 – Brundall Allotment Association General Meeting

A general meeting for villagers was held in Brundall Memorial Hall. More residents joined the association. Further members joined the committee.

November 2012 – Inaugural Association Meeting

The Parish Council brought together interested parishioners to form the Brundall Allotment Association. The Parish Council provided the Terms of Reference and Constitution of the proposed association. Four officers (Chair, Vice-chair, Treasurer and Secretary) were elected.

August 2012 – Parish Council Meeting

The Parish Council agreed to prepare for the inauguration of a Brundall Allotment Association, with the intention that such a body could help them progress the provision of allotments for the village.